Paper Plane Pilot is a music and art project from San Diego, California.

Paper Plane Pilot also shares its name with an old Apple II game.

Paper Plane Pilot is on an indefinite hiatus as of August, 2013. Dustin continues to make music as Cerulean Veins.


  • Paper Plane Pilot has been written about in the San Diego Reader, San Diego CityBeat, Warmer Climes, Short Form Blog, Welikeit.indie, Like Sugar, Outliered and other outlets.
  • Paper Plane Pilot music has been featured on several reality TV shows on MTV and VH1, as well as on select college and community radio stations nationwide.
  • In 2011, Paper Plane Pilot’s self-produced video for Tell Me was selected to be part of the Moving Types exhibit at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany.

Dustin Frelich

Vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums

Dustin is the founding and principal member of Paper Plane Pilot.

Paul Welch

Vocals, guitars, keyboards

Paul co-wrote and contributed guitars, keyboards and vocals to As You Let Me Go; vocals and lead guitar to An Awakening; vocals and lead bass to Lost and Leaving; and vocals to Close Your Eyes and We’ll Disappear. He is a former keyboardist for The English Beat and also fronts the band FMera.

Eugenio Iglesias

bass, photography/design

Eugenio contributed bass to This Afternoon and lead bass to Sunday Morning Train. He’s also a photographer and designer.

Justin Time Sassen


Justin contributed drums to This Is the Only Ending and Close Your Eyes.

Bryarly Bishop


Bryarly contributed vocals to It’s All Ending and This Afternoon.

Eddie Del Canto


Eddie contributed drums to As You Let Me Go.

Jean Sunwoo


Jean contributed vocals to Sunday Morning Train.